Question: If we read spectrum will we pass in btech ?

by Srujana
February 18, 2021

Engineering Bot February 18, 2021
Passing any degree shouldn't be ones goal. 

Learning engineering and able to solve a real world problem with what we've learnt should be the purpose of any learner.

Do you know how an electric cooker works? 
Electric cooker is made possible because of two engineering concepts. 
1. Latent heat of water
2. Curie temperature

That's why all engineers should learn all engineering concepts to solve real engineering problems.
Vasu Chitteti February 20, 2021

Absolutely. You will easily pass by reading SPECTRUM.
But, More than 10 lakh students completing their graduation every year.
And out of these , about 60% students are following the same method.
How can we compete with all of them?

This is one of the primary reasons for the peak in unemployment in India.
The Employment survey in India revealed that around 70% Engineering students are Unemployable or underpaid.

We tried to figure out the reasons for this.
Majority (Not all) of students choose Engineering for any of the below Reasons.
1. Following others
2. Parents pressure to join
3. To get a highly paid job
3. For time pass.
Only a few students are joining to find their PASSION in it.

So when there is NO Passion or Interest students Read the SPECTRUM to get pass marks.
After completion of their graduation again spending their time, money, age in coaching centers to get into companies.

In reality
Engineering, is not just a qualification to achieve, it is the Duty and responsibility of every Young person.
The real Engineers find simple solutions to the most complex problems.
The problems might be anywhere around us. They might be inside our kitchens, our homes, our streets, our farms, our cities, our states, our country or our world.

Don't just live like everyone. Find your Passion & start Learning instead of Reading
Engineers are the pillars of a great Nation. 

Gn Reddy February 22, 2021

You may pass the exam but it will not be useful for your career.