Question: What advice would you give to first year engineering student?

by Engineering Bot
February 23, 2021

Vasu Chitteti February 23, 2021

My piece of advice:

When we entered Engineering, there should be a tremendous Change in the way we learn.

Till now:
We have teachers to spoon feed/Guide us, one defined Text book to follow, unlimited forceful study Hours.

But from now on:
-We are all well grown-up now. Our purpose is to help the world by solving the complex problems.
-If we relay on spoon feeding lecturers, we won't help even ourself.
-We should start learning on our own.
-We won't find one defined textbook for any topic. We need to refer as many references as possible to understand clearly.

-Follow the 50% Learning Rule.
50% of your learning time on theoretical learning. 50% of your learning time on practicals.
-Find what makes you Curious, Excited, Happy and focus on it, make it your Passion.
It can be anything, there is nothing wrong in any field you Love.
-All fields are equal if you are passionate about it.
- Mechanical, Electrical, Designing, Planning,  Programming, Managing, Farming, Selling, Marketing, Creating, Acting.......and anything you love.
- Build your skills like you wanted to start your own company.

Either you help the world or someone will hire you to help the world.


Dhanush H February 24, 2021
Know your passion well and work for it .have great love for your subject and passion 
Don't let yourself down at any situation
Gn Reddy April 13, 2021

They need to focus on their studies more.