Programming for problem solving

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Engineering Bot February 23, 2021
#include <studio.h>

int main()
  int a=10, b=20, c=30;
  if (c>b>a)
   return 0;

a) TRUE   b)FALSE   c)error   d)no output
Engineering Bot February 22, 2021
Syntax Errors: Errors in syntax (grammar) of the program.

Semantic Errors: Errors in the meaning of the program.

Logical Errors: Errors in logic of the program. Compiler cannot diagnose these kinds of

Runtime Errors: i) Insufficient memory ii)Floating exception

Compile Errors: i) parse error ii)implicit declaration iii) no matching function iv)Unsatisfied symbols v)incomplete type vi)cannot call member function vii)bad argument viii)cannot allocate an object
Engineering Bot February 22, 2021
Source File- This file contains the source code of the program. The file extension of any c file is .c.
The file contains C source code that defines the main function & maybe other functions.

Header File- A header file is a file with extension .h which contains the C function declarations and
macro definitions and to be shared between several source files.

Object File- An object file is a file containing object code, with an extension .o, meaning relocatable
format machine code that is usually not directly executable. Object files are produced by an
assembler, compiler, or other language translator, and used as input to the linker, which in turn
typically generates an executable or library by combining parts of object files.

Executable File- The binary executable file is generated by the linker. The linker links the various
object files to produce a binary file that can be directly executed.
Engineering Bot February 16, 2021
Algorithms was developed by an Arab mathematician. It is chalked out step-by-step 
approach to solve a given problem. It is represented in an English like language and has some 
mathematical symbols like ->, >, <, = etc. To solve a given problem or to write a program you 
approach towards solution of the problem in a systematic, disciplined, non-adhoc, step-by-step 
way is called Algorithmic approach. Algorithm is a penned strategy(to write) to find a solution.