HTML 5.0

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Gn Reddy March 14, 2021
HTML5 is the latest version of the HyperText Markup Language that can be referred to the WWW (World Wide Web) primary language, this markup language enhances a text file with bits of code, and this code which we can say as “markup” describes the structure of the document.

HTML5 provides some standard features like that of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and DOM, which in turn will reduce the requirement of external plugins. It’s more markup to replace scripting, better error handling, etc. HTML5 is device independent.

HTML5 introduces some new features that can be used to change the way of user interaction with documents including:

Adding new parsing rules to enhance flexibility.
Adding New attributes.
Allow offline editing.
Support (Web SQL), – A common standard for storing data in SQL databases.
Support Protocol and MIME handler registration.